Tradition and Innovation

30th October – 2nd November 2019 | Farnham Pottery

From tradition to innovation ‘Clayfeast’ aims to play with the ambiguity of the word offering topsy turvy events, a marvelous opportunity for a wide and diverse audience to explore the relationship between clay and food through hands on workshops making clay ‘food’, cooking in clay and preparing an ‘edible’ feast based on 19th century menus. Heritage, history and ritual will be stitched together through events, exhibitions and shared food.

Hosted at a Victorian Country Pottery, Clayfeast will be reigniting a once yearly tradition when clay diggers were paid and feasted at Farnham Castle.

Clayfeast Assistants Needed

Make, share your skills, have fun and be paid…what’s not to like?

Julia is looking for paid assistants @ £10 per hr, between Oct 29th – Nov 3rd (half term week), 10 am – 5 pm  (shorter periods within that timescale would be ok too).

The purpose is to create clay ‘food’ and build a banquet of pieces. The clay food will be made, displayed and then destroyed with plant sprays on the final project day, Saturday 2nd Nov.

The imaginative use of kitchen tools is all that’s required. No need for high skill levels!

If you are interested, please contact Julia: