Currently we have six tutors offering a wide variety of experience and expertise

Christine Bull

ChristineBullChristine is a Licentiate of the Society of Designer Craftsmen and a qualified teacher specialising in ceramics. She has been teaching both children and adults in Hampshire for many years and for the last five years has been working as a free-lance potter at Robert Goldsmith’s pottery in Selborne.

Her interests include earthenware majolica glazes, slip decoration and reduced stoneware. She specialises in throwing pots on the wheel and contributes to the wide range of handmade ceramics made at Selborne as well as working in her own studio.

Katrina Evangelidou

Katerina was born in Athens and studied ceramics at the West Surrey College of Art and Design (now the Surrey Institute of Art and Design University College). She has been a long-standing tutor to West Street Potters and lecturer in art colleges. She now lives and runs her studio in Farnham. She has exhibited widely in this country and abroad in group and solo exhibitions.

Her interests include wood-fired kilns, raku and other kinds of experimental firing techniques. Her current work is based on the vessel form. It is initially thrown on the wheel then reformed, often with the introduction of other hand building techniques.

In her classes she encourages a good knowledge of a wide range of techniques in making, glazing and firing and is always keen to promote a strong personal development of her students’ creative abilities.

Jane Jones


Jane joined West Street Potters in 2010 after twenty two years teaching Adult Education.  She studied at Winchester School of Art, to degree level.  She exhibits her work through the Surrey Sculpture Society and other various other galleries.  She also undertakes commissions.

Clay sculpture classes are for anyone interested in building figurines in clay. A life model is generally present to study basic anatomy and structure of the human form. Students can then use this visual information as a basis for portraits and figures.  Students wishing to follow their own creative path are supported and encouraged in the same way. This is a really friendly class aimed at all levels of experience. There is a wide choice of clays and finished work can be fired.

Kathy Mason

KathyMason-LizKathy has been involved in the ceramic medium for many years, primarily teaching in adult and higher education as well as school projects.  Her teaching practice encourages a complete understanding and relish of the ceramic process, from wet slop and glaze, to thrown and sculpted forms, and of course, the magic of the kiln!

She makes Raku fired hand built figurative sculptures, such creatures as Ravens, Puffins and Hares.  The Raku process is full of drama; “it’s like playing with the elements, and this aspect of ceramics constantly inspires me”, she enthuses.


Myra McDonnell


Myra joined West Street Potters early in 2010, bringing with her a wealth of experience and expertise.  She has a Masters Degree in Ceramics from The Royal College of Art, and most recently was employed at the University of Creative Arts, Farnham as Senior Ceramics Technical Lecturer.

She is also a freelance designer for Froyle Tiles, and has a keen interest in architectural renovation.  Her specialist knowledge includes traditional hand building techniques, together with applied decoration, using both hand and industrial methods.

Julia Quigley


Julia graduated from the Farnham School of Art with a degree in Ceramics and Etching. This course was renowned for its thorough grounding in ceramic techniques and a rigorous conceptual approach. She now works to commission and exhibits in galleries in Southern England. She has a sound knowledge and long experience of clay, glazes and kiln technology. Currently her work is handbuilt using folded sheets of clay, matt glazed and stoneware fired.

She finds that for her individual creativity and teaching are mutually beneficial. The sparking of ideas and enthusiasm encompasses all abilities and often follows unexpected pathways.


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