Review of Jack Doherty Demonstration

Many thanks to Ian for such a glowing review of Jack Doherty’s demonstration last weekend, what a wonderful source of inspiration for those who attended.


I have been to many talks / lectures / workshops / demonstrations on various aspects of ceramics and pottery over the last few years, but rarely, if ever, to one as good as that given by Jack Doherty last Saturday. Rarely have I seen an audience so transfixed by the lecturer’s eloquence and skill. Wonderful!

Jack first described his early years – 4th generation Bernard Leach, meeting Lucie Rie, Ruth Duckworth, and others: what a way to start as a potter! Having then discussed some of his early works, he then talked about his many years as the first Lead Potter and Creative Director of the Leach Pottery, describing the development of and the philosophy behind this enterprise.

He then moved on to his more recent works – many fired at the Leach Pottery. It was fascinating to learn of some of the inspiration behind much of his work: lichens on a rusty pipe (or was it a branch?) or the weathered and rust stained surfaces of old fishing boats. And how many of us would have the idea of using our own homes as a gallery for an exhibition?

But good though Jack’s talk was, it was eclipsed totally by his demonstration. The seemingly effortless throwing; the simplicity of his tool kit (I presume that, by now, Amazon will have run out of cookie cutters); and the subsequent finishing techniques will provide inspiration for all who attended for many years to come.

Ian Chrystie

‘Ceramics Now’ – New Ashgate Gallery

The New Ashgate Gallery have a fab, collaborative exhibition on – Ceramics Now – with loads of Jack Doherty’s work.  A great opportunity for those who want to take a look before his Demo day at Farnham Pottery on 15th June, or to see his work if you are unable to come.

The exhibition is on until the 22nd June.

Thanks Roly, for letting us know!

Jack Doherty – Saturday 15th June

We are thrilled to welcome Jack Doherty to West Street Potters on Saturday 15th June.

Jack’s pots have been exhibited extensively both in the UK and internationally. He has been the Chair of the CPA for 10 years, a founder and current Chair of Ceramic Art London and from 2008 – 2013, the first Lead Potter and Creative Director of the Leach Pottery. He currently works from his studio in Mousehole, Cornwall.

I hope many of you will be able to attend.

Jack Doherty