Childrens Birthday Parties

Children’s parties held by West Street Potters at the Farnham Pottery have a good reputation for the quality and variety of the activities available. In order that the event should be enjoyable and memorable for all involved.

Please get in touch if you are interested in organising a childrens birthday party.

  1. Price of £250, payable in advance.
  2. Parties are approx. 2 hours in duration.
  3. Each child can choose one piece each which will be fired and glazed for them to keep.
  4. Maximum of 10 children per party, with at least two adults for ages 9 and under, one adult for ages 10 and above. It is expected adults will be willing to join in activities to support the tutor and make the experience more enjoyable.
  5. No children under 7 permitted in the pottery without prior agreement.
  6. Any siblings attending must be accompanied by an adult who is not joining in activities.
  7. No food or drink permitted in the workshop.
  8. During term time, finished and fired pots will be available for collection in 3-4 weeks. Outside of term time it will take longer as the kilns are not fired weekly.
  9. Collection of pots is the responsibility of the person booking the party.  WSP take responsibility for notifying when the work is ready to collect.  Due to lack of storage space, work will only be kept for 6 months after notification.
  10. Tutors will give a throwing demonstration for the children to watch and interact with.
  11. All attendees should dress for mess.
  12. Parents/relatives present are responsible for ensuring that children behave sensibly in the workshop. The equipment available provides special opportunities but needs to be respected.