Very last minute – Adele Goulty Workshop – 12th October

An unexpected place has come up on the hand-building workshop Adele is running tomorrow, Oct 12th in the WSP studio.

Please see details here Please get in touch directly with Adele if you would like to grab this opportunity.

Tel: 01428 685652  | Mobile: 07963 367156

email : |web :

Clayfeast Assistants

Make, share your skills, have fun and be paid…what’s not to like?

Julia is looking for paid assistants @ £10 per hr, between Oct 29th – Nov 3rd (half term week), 10 am – 5 pm  (shorter periods within that timescale would be ok too).

A Topsy Turvey play on Clayfeast….It didn’t taste very nice!

The purpose is to create clay ‘food’ and build a banquet of pieces. The clay food will be made, displayed and then destroyed with plant sprays on the final project day, Saturday 2nd Nov.

The imaginative use of kitchen tools is all that’s required. No need for high skill levels!

More info on WSP Clayfeast webpage.

If you are interested, please contact Julia:


Please join Farnham Pottery for Joanna Veevers.



Joanna trained initially in Printed Textile Design at Manchester and then in Ceramics at the Royal College of Art. Joanna is inspired by the strange conflict between calm tradition and frenetic modernity. Collections of objects and images inform the metaphors and visual language, not just by their identity but by placement and arrangement in a spatial area on a 2D surface. Her work explores visual narrative, division of space, and compartmentalisation within a composition, playing with pattern, restrained colour, line and visual satisfaction.

To let Joanna know you will be coming RSVP FOR FREE click here

Saturday 21 September 10 – 4pm
£85 including lunch and all materials.

If you are inspired by Joanna’s work there are just a few spaces left to learn her techniques and develop your own project in a small and focused one-off class. 

To sign up for the workshop click here