Tuesday Evening Pit Firing

Christine Bull’s Tuesday evening class had a wonderful pit firing at Sarah Bowler’s house on 21st May.  There is also a display of photos in the corridor at The Pottery and there will be a display in the cabinet.

This is the second pit-fire day Sarah has hosted at her home near Petworth – our first was last summer and this time we had almost a full class joining in.  We started at 9.30 loading the pit with tubes of newspaper round the edge to draw the draught in, sawdust, copper sulphate, seaweed, salt, pots, more sawdust, kindling and large timbers. Some of our pieces were sprayed with salt, iron, copper or seaweed solution. Once a good fire was going we covered it with corrogated sheeting and went for a much needed coffee and cake on Sarah’s terrace.

We did 3 raku firings during the day, plus one smoke firing, while the pit did it’s job, so either side of lunch we were busy!  Lunch was, yet again, a wonderful ‘pot’ lunch and the weather was ideal for relaxing outside.

This time we decided to let the pots cool till the next day, so many of us returned the following evening to dig into the ‘lucky dip’!  We are pleased generally with our pots and forms – it is so exciting washing them off and polishing them.  Sarah’s partner took some wonderful photos during the day.


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Raku ‘Enjoyment’

Just discovered that the Japanese work ‘Raku’ can be translated as meaning ‘enjoyment’ or ‘pleasure’, which is rather fitting.

Hope you all have your Raku pots ready for Sunday……for plenty of enjoyment….and smoke!!

Big Lunch, BBQ and Raku – Sunday 18th July

The WSP annual summer BBQ and Raku will be held at Farham Pottery car park, on Sunday 18th July and in collaboration with…..

A fiesta of home-grown and hand-made

“On Sunday 18th July we’re going to have lunch with our neighbours – in streets, parks, gardens, car parks… The food, decorations and entertainment we’ll grow, cook and create ourselves. It’s a day to break bread together and put a smile back on Britain’s face”

We encourage you to bring:

  • Home-grown lunch to share and BBQ
  • Your own pottery plates and pots to eat from
  • Home made cooking vessels….(Julia has made her own bread oven!)
  • A pot to raku on the day
  • Your friends and family to join the fun

At ‘pot sale’ is also planned, giving you the opportunity to sell your work.  Further details to follow.

Thursday Morning Raku

Lots of Raku action at Thursday mornings class today.  As usual, a real mixture of results with the turquoise (?) glaze up to it’s old tricks.  Sue’s lady came out a lovely copper colour and Vicky’s pots were looking like they were going to be a real success. We received a few raised eyebrows from people coming and going from the car park.  “What on earth are they up to”, I’m sure they were thinking…..they may well ask!   We all went home smelling like an old bonfire…job well done!

Should have taken photo’s of the results….try to remember next time.

Jane...poised ready with a saucepan of sawdust, Vicky trying the gloves on for size...and Phillipa....hummm, you look bemused!!.

Sue's lady being carefully lifted from the kiln

Everyone standing well back....

Oooohhh...what awaits inside!