Clay and Glaze Technology for Beginners




Six week course starting

Fri 11th November, 6.30 – 8.30pm

Cost £60, includes course and materials


An introductory structured course that will help students to demystify the properties of clay and raw materials and learn how they are transformed by heat.

The course will be run by Julia Quigley, an experienced WSP tutor with a sound knowledge of theory and practice.

To book a place email

Or 07918 666898

No untutored time in the workshop until after the deep clean

Thanks to everyone who assisted in the big clear out in preparation for the deep clean next week, it is very much appreciated.

To give access to the cleaners for cleaning under the eves and the floor all the glaze buckets and materials have be lifted onto the tables.  It is therefore not possible to utilise the workshop for untutored time from now until after the deep clean has taken place, which will be Friday 19th.

Many thanks for your co-operation.

Payment for fired work

A polite reminder to members that all fired work needs to be paid for to cover the firing costs.

Unfortunatlely this includes paying for (and collecting) pieces that may not have turned out quite as you were anticipating…….that is the joy of pottery!!

Good practice is to enter the weight of your bisque fired pot in the firing charges folder before it goes in the glaze kiln.

Many thanks for your co-operation.

Interested in becoming a WSP Director?

At the recent WSP board meeting it was highlighted that some long serving directors may wish to step down from the role and therefore we are looking for interested existing members who may wish to take up a position.  Involvement to include  minuting secretary, publicity and marketing.

Please let the board or Rachel know if you are interested and have skills to offer.

Many thanks, Kathy.

Cost of sending a teapot to Shanghai

I’ve looked into the cost of sending a teapot to Shangai as a number of you are interesting in entering the exhibition.  The pricing below is based on a 2kg parcel, with the dimensions H20cm, W20cm L20cm.  If your teapot is light, but your parcel is large, you will be charged the volumetric weight rather than the actual weight.

To calculate the price of your parcel more acurately enter your information into the Parcel Force Worldwide price finder.

Service Delivery Compensation Tracking Price
Global Express From 3 day(s) Up to £ 200 Tracked £71.29
Global Priority From 4 day(s) Up to £ 100 Tracked £63.49
Global Value From 6 day(s) Up to £ 50 Not Tracked £49.99