Update – Pot Collection

Ian will be on site to unpack the kiln at 5pm on Sunday 16th.  He will also be at the pottery on Monday 17th at 10.30ish for a couple of hours.

There may be people around at other times but there’s no guarantee members will be able to access the workshop.

There will be no more kiln firings until next term. The tutors looking forward to a break too!

Happy festivities to all!

Ruth Courtney

Sadly Ruth Courtney, the oldest member of WSP passed away recently, she was 97 and still creating wonderful clay sculptures.

She has been attending classes with Jane Jones for 23 years and was an absolute delight.  She will be greatly missed.

Lost Notebook

Sometime on the 21st November Keith lost his Pottery Notebook – A black A5 notebook with Pottery on front cover.

He has searched high and low for it but cannot find it.

He attend 318 Ceramics on that day and could have dropped it in the car park.

He wonders if any West Street Potter students have seen it.

Reward for finding is a blank A5 notebook and a coffee as he would dearly love to be repatriated with it, as it has notes that he is sorely missing.

If you think you have seen it or know where it might be, please contact Keith directly, email: keithsloanm3vbn@gmail.com

Pot collections before Christmas

The kiln fired on the last day of term yesterday, Fri 7th, will be unpacked on Sun around 5pm.

There will be two extra firings next week, Tues 11th and Fri 14th.

Someone will be around from 9 am –  6 am approx on both days for collection.

The collection date for the firing on Fri 14th is still to be arranged. Watch this space for updates!

Problems with the Gas Kiln

Members may be aware that the gas kiln has had a few problems recently with the ignition system.   The sensitive equipment that operates the burners has failed after 7 years of constant use.  Northern Kilns were on site yesterday, but unfortunately could not get all the burners to work, so it is currently operating with two.   They will return next week with the new electrical components, that will hopefully resolved the issue.

This situation means that we are behind on firings, which we understand is  frustrating, especially at this busy time of year.  Once the kiln is repaired, we will endeavour to get back on track. 

Everyone will try their very best to get your work through the firing system before Christmas. 

Many thanks for your patience and understanding.

John Evans’ Alternative Firing Workshops 2019

John Evans has been in touch today with information about some workshops he has planned for next year.  I thought some of you may be interested.

Greetings Raku Aficionados,

Apologies for the delay to all those who have been in touch about workshop dates. Its taken rather longer than I envisaged to sort everything out.

Workshops will now be at my studio in Worthing, W.Sussex UK and no longer be at the Angmering venue. We have successfully organised a few already this year to try everything out and very recently had the firing area covered with a large metal canopy. My prayers to the fair-weather and kiln gods now don’t have to be quite so in earnest!

We can offer most of the kiln and barrel firing techniques and, to keep costs down, are initially looking to run the naked clay courses over just a couple of days. Glazed raku courses can be full or half day. The number of participants attending will initially be limited to  5 while we test out the new programmes.

The workshop is very close to Worthing seafront and town centre, easily accessible by road, rail, and air (London-Gatwick), and with plenty of accommodation options  close at hand. We are also able to offer limited en-suite accommodation at our house adjoining the workshop.

The dates currently available are –

24/25 March 2019 – Introduction to Naked Clay – ideal for ceramicists who have no previous experience of these decorating and firing techniques. Covering burnishing, terra sigilatta, naked raku (two types), saggar, horsehair/feather raku. (Early bird price £210)

5th May (pm) & 6th May 2019 – Naked Raku Intensive – for ceramicists with some previous experience of naked clay firing who want to explore more advanced decorating techniques. An introduction to firing with ferric chloride. will also be included. (Early bird price £160)

Full details and booking forms for each workshop are on my website at www.jevceramics.co.uk.

Further workshop dates will be offered during the year. We are also able to offer tailored workshops for your pottery group. Contact me to discuss further if this is of interest.

Happy firing