WSP Award Winner 2019

The board are delighted to announce that that winner of the WSP Award 2019 is Adele Goulty. Adele will attend the course ‘Experimenting with Porcelain Paper Clay’ with Lucy Cobb at West Dean College in July.

Well done Adele, we look forward to hearing all about it.

This is an annual award, available to all WSP members, to fund a clay related course or activity. Applications for 2020 to be submitted by end of February 2020.

Gareth Mason Throwing Masterclass

Saturday 4th May, 10am – 4pm

Hosted by 318 Ceramics @ Farnham Pottery

This is a follow-up day for anyone who has attended one of Gareth’s previous throwing events, or already has previous throwing experience.

In this one day workshop he will thoroughly re-visit the essentials of throwing technique, focusing on any specific issues that participants may have encountered since the session they attended previously.

This is intended as a ‘top-up’ skill building experience. I will as usual look closely at every participant’s process and between us we will diagnose areas for development.

Gareth’s intention is for this day to be a ‘shot in the arm’, reinforcing past progress and encouraging a bold and dynamic engagement with the wheel.



Bring your own lunch or buy in the cafe.
Clay included, does not include firing.

Max 8 students

Electric Kiln for Sale

Many years ago, in the mid 90’s Kate was a member of WSP. She now has
a small top loading kiln to sell and wondered if anyone would like it?

It is 19 years old but has never been used. It was a replacement for one the removal men damaged she has’t had the space to set it up and use it since 2000.

Kate is only asking £100 for it as it needs to go – as she has even less space now!

The internal dimensions are 40cm diameter by 30cm deep. Includes the shelves and supports to go with it.

Please get in touch directly with Kate if you are interested:

Rebecca Hutchinson Talk and Demonstration

Artists@318 are delighted to welcome the international artist Rebecca Hutchinson (Professor of Ceramics at University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth)

Rebecca will talk, and later in the day demonstrate how she builds her exquisite large scale sculptures. Influenced by ecosystem dynamics and environmental concerns, her work takes inspiration from growth patterns but does not replicate nature.

Her site specific works are assembled and constructed from clay and recycled materials using a variety of techniques such as hand building, slip trailing, dipping, layering and cutting.

For this demonstration Rebecca will be working with porcelain clay and paper.

Saturday 22nd June, 10am – 4pm | £65 including lunch | Fancy Loft @ Farnham Pottery


‘In Conversation’ with Michael O Brien

‘In Conversation’ with Michael OBrien flowed easily from rigorous technical understanding to his years in Nigeria with Michael Cardew, locating rather than importing, materials for high firing and training Nigerian Potters.

All questions were answered thoughtfully and generously, his overlaying of rich black Tenmokus with iron painting and luscious cream/white Nuka glazes patiently explained.

The strong sense of design and pattern in Michaels work resonated with the collection of beautiful African cloth from Mali, Zaire and Nigeria that he had amassed over the years. He brought a small selection of his glaze test library, numbered in the hundreds, which left us all awestruck.

The morning was a glimpse into a Ceramic world that has changed so dramatically as to be almost incomprehensible to young Makers who can buy all materials/view how to use them on YouTube and expect to sell pots made from them.

It’s hoped to make the film ‘Tatiko, the Story of an African Pot’ more widely available as an astonishing tour de force of skilled making. After a Tatiko woman, a Potter since the age of 12, had completed a large, perfect storage jar in less than an hour, Michael said “follow that!”  Rather a good comment to make about his visit to WSP as well.

Julia Quigley