Volunteers for Care Home Open Day.

Bourne Wood Manor is a new care home, located in West Street in Farnham.

They are hosting an open day on the 28th June and the theme is the ‘Year of the Arts’

They have been in touch wondering if we have any volunteers who would be able to join them on that day to demonstrate pottery techniques to their residents, family and visitors.  “It would be fantastic and also being a local pottery this would be lovely for the Farnham community”. They will also be having displays of works created by their residents.

If this would be of interest, they would love to hear from you.  Also, if anyone is interested in running a workshop with their residents sometime they would love to know.

Contact: Hannah Nicholls and Jay Morgan


Tel: 01252 941300

2 thoughts on “Volunteers for Care Home Open Day.

  1. Hi Rachel

    Just a quick query before I offer to help them out (unless they already have enough volunteers now), do you know what I would need to take along? Also, I’m happy to help out, but not sure what they mean by demonstration as not sure that’s something I could do!?

    Best wishes.

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