Ode to lighting the kiln

The archive material continues…

Lighting the kiln at West Street was a complicated affair which Shirley turned into a delightful poem.

It was their duty to brick up the door of this old kiln and light it before the start of the Thursday evening class. It soon became a kind of anthem of the class. Everyone could sing it too!!

Up the ladder, check the damper

When it’s open, down you scamper.

Next the gas, make sure it’s flowing,

Turn on main switch, red light glowing.

Now we’d better light the taper, forgot the matches? what a caper!

Then press the pilot on the right

Kneel down and wait for click, then light.

Repeat for left, then turn up gas to a high position,

Switch on and Boom, we have ignition!

Kneel down again, if still alive

And turn gas down to 0.5.

The very last important factor

Before you leave-turn on extractor!

Later on, but not too late

Turn gas up to two point eight!

Happy memories of all the Clamming up too! Hope it reminds folk of the ‘olden days’.


2 thoughts on “Ode to lighting the kiln

  1. What a good idea ! Perhaps we aught to adopt it for the current lighting sequence which is boringly like a lavatory cleaners tick box, Julia


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