Revised Pit Firing dates

If enough volunteers are available, the plan is to dig the pit on the 12th September and do the firing on the 19th September (weather permitting).

This should give members enough time to prepare work and there is enough time to get small items ready and we do have bisque ware in the workshop if you just want to try out firing process.

Open to 318 students too.

Further information on previous post:

4 thoughts on “Revised Pit Firing dates

  1. Hi Rachel and Kathy,

    Two or three members of my class will have items bisque fired for the pit, by our Tuesday evening class next week – we just wanted to know where you will be wanting us to put them in the workshop, to be taken to the pit?

    Thanks Christine

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  2. I can confirm the pit firing will go ahead on the 19th the only thing to stop us is heavy rain. So far we have only three interested , so get making.

  3. Only problem is I have a problem with my back and hips so can’t dig the pit, but can be around to make tea and mop brows!


  4. I can still make those dates, could you confirm so that I can get started on some work and put it in my diary….thanks. Xxx


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