Bury Court Barn – Praktis Exhibition

Alison would like to invite all WSP members to an exhibition she is co-curating in October, showing the work of fifteen craftsmen from around the UK in the lovely setting of Bury Court Barn, Bentley, near Farnham.

There are fifteen established makers, most of whom trained originally at the UCA Farnham, working in different fields of crafts including textiles, ceramics, wood, and jewellery. They are supporting the exhibition with a programme of talks and demonstrations.

It is part of the October Craft Month which showcases Farnham’s well-deserved title of Craft Town England.

Click here to find out more about the talks at Bury Court

Visit www.craftpraktis.co.uk. The exhibition is open each day, October 11th – 14th from 10am till 5pm.

There will be a café running throughout the exhibition, and there is free entry to both the exhibition and the renowned courtyard garden, designed by Dutch designer Piet Oudolf with the owner, John Coke.

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Pit Firing Treasures

The treasures were unearthed from the pit firing on Friday.  What a fabulous array of colours and results…..just love the randomness, the unexpectedness and sheer delight of retrieving the pots from the ground.

Can’t wait to see more.  Great work everyone!


Clay fruit for Cornucopia

All WSPs are welcome to make some clay fruit, seed heads or flowers to fill a Horn of Plenty (Cornucopia ) as a centre piece for the banquet on the final day of Clay Feast.

The Cornucopia is being made by a Tuesday student from clay collected at Chiddingfold.

Non of the work will be fired, but recycled by destroying with water pistols on the final day.

Fruit and seed heads will be left at the pottery as inspiration, please don’t eat the fruit! It’ll be replaced as needed. Various coloured clays will also be provided.

A place will be provided to put the drying pieces. Have a go!


Cornucopia (Horn of Plenty)

In classical antiquity, the cornucopia, also called the horn of plenty, was a symbol of abundance and nourishment, commonly a large horn-shaped container overflowing with produce, flowers or nuts.

Pit Firing – Wed 19th Oct

The pit is dug! All is ready for Wed 19th.

Everyone signed up to take part should meet at the pottery at 10.30 and travel in convoy to Dockenfield, parking is tight, so if possible please car share.

If you would like join in and haven’t already signed up, please email weststreetpotters@btinternet.com

Anyone needed to travel there directly, let me know and I will provide the address.