Clay Feast – TASTER! 25th – 27th October

A Clay Feast taster is being run from October 25th – 27th as part of Farnham Craft Month. 11am- 4pm daily.  It will take place in the West Street Potters workshop at The Farnham Pottery.  This is a drop in, hands on event.


There is no charge but donations will be happily received.

All welcome to make clay food from locally sourced or donated clay for a banquet to be destroyed with water pistols on the final day.

This will be an experimental session using kitchen tools, potato ricers, ravioli rolling pins and icing sets to trial all the equipment before the main event in April 2019.

April was the original time that local Potters paid clay diggers and feasted at Farnham Castle, hence the idea of reinventing the celebration by using the word in a topsy turvy context.

Please note, no unaccompanied children, dogs or other pets.

WSP Volunteers are very welcome to help and get the chance to make their favourite meal!

#farnhamcraftmonth  #crafttownengland

Julia Quigley

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