UCA – Ceramics Technician Vacancy

The UCA Farnham are looking to recruit a Ceramics Technician.  There is the opportunity to start immediately on a temporary basis.

Anyone interested, please send your CV to Anita Coppock, email: acoppock@uca.ac.uk

2 thoughts on “UCA – Ceramics Technician Vacancy

  1. Hi Jayne, i’m afraid the kiln wasn’t fired at the end of term and probably won’t get fired now during the holidays as tutors are away. Hopefully you can wait until the start of term.

    Enjoy your holiday!


  2. Hi Rachel

    Hope you are enjoying the sunshine ☀️

    Just wondered if there is going to be an opportunity to collect anything from the Pottery that may have been fired during the holidays? It was mentioned that this might be the case.

    I have a number of things there and would be happy to collect them anytime if they have been fired?

    I go away on holiday on 13 Aug so I was just wondering if there was going to be a collection day anytime soon?

    Kind regards.


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