Home studio pottery equipment for sale

A lady called Carol has been in touch.  She has the equipment listed below available to ‘sell’, all the proceeds will go to Yellow Door (formerly Southampton Rape Crisis).  Preferably it will be sold as a job lot, rather than individual items.

Items need to be collected from Sussex.

Carol made functional stoneware pots, cone 6 (1200C), and the glazes fit this temp.  Equipment and supplies have been sourced from the US, Canada and England.

  • Approx 50 books on pottery
  • Bailey Pottery Equipment (USA) electric wheel –  all UK electrics, can go clockwise and counter-clockwise
  • lots of batts and equipment for turning
  • lots and lots of all sorts of tools – both for throwing and hand-building
  • well aged stoneware and porcelain clay – originally from Tucker’s Pottery Supply, and paperclay from Clayman
  • a wide range of glaze chemicals – various sources
  • Orton kiln vent
  • unused Dawson kiln sitter
  • air purifier unit plus filters
  • electric kiln; see link for the exact description http://www.bigceramicstore.com/bigceramicstore-com-biggest-little-kiln-with-sentry-controller-s1095-1.html

Carol used this kiln for two years in Dubai and fired it a few times in Sussex. so it’s in good order with all the furniture, spare shelves and numerous posts of various sizes,  firing cones (various temp levels)

…..and other misc. items.  It’s a treasure trove!

Anyone interested or requiring additional information can contact Carol directly (she is not available until after 6th August), email: trippsussex@gmail.com

Suggested offers for the whole inventory £750 – £1000.


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