Thank you and happy holidays!

Thank You

A BIG thank you to the WSP scene shifters….

We were a tutor down at the end of this term….they are lucky to be enjoying a family wedding in Hawaii. Thank you to all the tutors who stepped in to cover the classes to make this possible.

This seems like a great opportunity to make members, especially new ones, aware of the work that goes on behind the scenes to make WSP classes run as smoothly as possible.

One of our technicians, Jane Henderson has unfortunately broken a rib. Rachel Whitehead, stepped up her work load and kept it all together. Rachel now has a teaching job at Creative Response, where her kindness, creativity and understanding of others will be a bonus. Well done!

A pottery fairy must have heard this news and whispered in Fiona Findlay’s ear! Fiona has kindly offered to take on her role, thank you Fiona.

We would also like to thank Louis Wilkes and Ian Chrystie, who tirelessly volunteer to pack and unpack the glaze kiln, ensuring your pots get through the system.

And, your clay wouldn’t make it to the cupboard without Tim Pilsbury, who sorts and puts away the deliveries, often with Glenda’s help. Thank you!

The unseen heroes of West Street Potters!

With a about 160 people using the workshop each week, these people deserve the thanks of all our members for ensuring our vibrant pottery community works works as well as it does……and our pottery classes are as popular as ever.

Hope you all have very happy and sunny summer holidays.  See you in September!



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