Clay Feast – October 2018

Message from Julia Quigley…..

Festive greetings to all WSP! Celebrate in any way you choose and we look forward to you returning refreshed in January 2018.

Spoiler alert for next year – This ‘delicious’ Clay Cake is made entirely from clay, the colours are just as they come straight from the bag (or ground).


It was made to celebrate the festive season and let all WSP members know about ‘Clay Feast’ a fabulous event that will happen next year.  Please put it in your 2018 diaries…you won’t want to miss out!


Volunteers will be needed and it’s not too soon to put your name forward if you’re interested.

Clay Feast

Tradition and Innovation

Thursday 25th – Sunday 28th October 2018

Based on the 19th Century tradition, when Farnham Potters, paid Clay Diggers, and honoured the occasion with a festive meal.

From tradition to innovation ‘Clayfeast’ offers a marvelous opportunity for all in the community to explore the relationship between clay and food through hands on workshops making clay ‘food’, cooking in clay and preparing an ‘edible’ feast based on 19th Century menus.

Heritage, history and ritual will be stitched together through events, exhibitions and shared food…..we welcome you all to take part. 

Please talk to Julia Quigley if you would like to get involved.

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