Mystery of the Giant Tea-Pot

A chance meeting in the Farnham Pottery Cafe today and we are closer to discovering provenance of this wonderful giant tea-pot that has been resting on the window sill downstairs at WSP for the past few years.

It was lovely to meet Gwen Wills, who before retiring, worked at the Ridgeway School in Farnham.  Whilst working at the school she had some additional Ceramics help from a lady, who she believes was from the Farnham Art College.  In 1979 this unknown lady was commissioned to create a tea-pot for the Schools Farnham Carnival entry, themed The Mad Hatters Tea Party.

Gwen gifted the tea-pot along with matching over-sized teacups to Smith & Causey when they ran the coffee shop at the pottery.  When that closed, WSP was entrusted to look after it…and there it has remained, undisturbed, on the window sill….until today….in perfect condition.

Gwen as kindly shared some pictures from 1979 with the tea-pot and the carnival float.


It would be amazing to find out who made the tea-pot, there are no marks on it.  Perhaps it is someone still living locally.

Please get in touch if you can shed any light, we’d love to hear from you.

A delightful story!


The Giant Tea Pot!


Ridgeway School Carnival Float ‘Mad Hatters Tea Party’ 1979

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