Heritage Open Days – 9th and 10th Sept 2017

The whole pottery will be open this year for Heritage Open Days on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th September.

If any WSP member would like to take the opportunity to work in the workshop on either of those days please do, it will be open from 10am to 4pm. The general public who wander around are always interesting in seeing people working with clay ‘hands on’ and there is fun, convivial atmosphere across the site.

Daniel Pratap, Director at WSP will be there for the weekend as our host and on-site contact.

Free electric Kiln

WSP member Robert Harris has a kiln that he no longer requires. It is electric 9kw approx 150 litres capacity. There is a programmer and kiln shelves etc.

It works but is elderly and the casing needs attention. Situation West Street, Farnham

If anybody would like it, it is free of charge as long as you are willing and able to take it away.

Please contact Robert directly if you are interested: robertjohnharris.harris@gmail.com

Thank you clear out helpers

Thank you to everyone who turned up and helped out with the clear out of the workshop a week or so ago.  A mammoth effort, well done.  Kathy, Glenda and Julia are sincerely appreciative of your help.

Once the deep clean is complete before the start of the Autumn term, let’s all endeavor to keep it at this good standard.

There are various buckets (for storing glazes) and 2 x 120 mesh sieves if anyone would like them (see picture).  Please feel free to help yourself, first come first served.


Farnham Pottery Arts – ‘Mr X Stitch’

Farnham Pottery Arts presents: Jamie Chalmers


Guide to Cross Stitch

To finish ‘The Magic of Making’ season in a rather different tempo, it is with huge excitement that we welcome the dynamic Jamie Chalmers – Mr X Stitch. As ‘the kingpin of contemporary creative embroidery’ he brings us a powerful mixed exhibition shown earlier this year at Olympia London, while teaching us design and the wonders of cross stitch and its many creative possibilities in his lively workshop.

mr x stitch

PRIVATE VIEW Saturday 12 August
Drinks: 5pm – 8pm. Lecture by Jamie Chalmers – 7pm

Come and be our guest for an utterly fabulous and unforgettable evening. Your chance to meet this media star of the textile world at our Opening on Saturday 12 August 5pm – 8pm with an hour talk at 7pm – FREE. Enjoy a glass of wine, explore the exhibition, and then be taken on a tour by Jamie and hear about his humble craft and its very unhumble role in the textile world today.