Kiln For Sale – Potterycrafts Mercury Kiln P5922

Potterycrafts Mercury Top Loader P5922

The Mercury is one of Potterycrafts entry level Top Loading kilns, these are ideal for domestic situations and professional studios working on a small scale. This price includes the single programmable controller.

I’ve just got it back from being serviced and new elements fitted and have a service report available.  Although this is an old kiln it is in good condition with new elements and new kiln fibre around the lid.  I’ve found the size ideal to feel I am not wasting energy when wanting to get just a few things fired.  It is a plug in version, so easy to get up and running instantly.

30ltr size (1.1 cu ft)

Fires 1300c maximum

Maximum bat size is 37cm

Height of chamber is 23cm

Some kiln furniture available too


For further information, give me a ring (Sheena)

07796 120304 or 02380 612334

or email me

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