Richard’s Raku Results!

Thank you Richard from the Tuesday evening class, who has sent a picture of his results from Kathy’s raku workshop last week.

“It was a a great afternoon and thank you for all your input.  I had never seen or done Raku so it was a really good introduction.  How interesting to be able to see the glaze developing.  What an asset that kiln is for WSP”.

I am sure you will find some big enough candles for your candlesticks, but as you say, if you can’t, perhaps they might do as egg cups!


‘Cultivate’ Exhibition


An exhibition by 8 artists/makers

Bury Court Barn, Bentley, November 17th-20th

The artists will be demonstrating their working methods throughout the exhibition. There will also be a talk each day at 2pm:

Thursday 17th Tracey Sheppard – glass engraver –‘A rake’s progress’
Friday 18th Alison Ellen – knitter/dyer – ‘colour and form, inspiration from the garden
Saturday 19th Syann van Niftrik – jeweller, ‘Work in Progress’
Sunday 20th Julie Ayton – potter, ‘Draws shoots and leaves – an exploration of form and pattern’



BACC For The Future


We need your help

The future of all creative and artistic subjects is under serious threat from the British Government’s proposals for a new English Baccalaureate (EBacc).

Creative subjects are vital, not only educationally for our children, but also for our economy (one in eleven jobs). However evidence shows that they are already being squeezed out of our secondary schools following the EBacc proposals.

This year we saw an 8% drop in the uptake of arts subjects from the previous year and the decline was confirmed by the Department for Education (DfE) when they announced a further 1.7% decline in the number of students taking at least one arts based GCSE.

These alarming figures are why I am backing the #BaccfortheFuture campaign and why I am also asking you to join me to urge the DfE to drop its harmful EBacc proposals.

I need your help

At the recent debate in Parliament, several of the MPs that spoke mentioned how much they were moved by letters they had received from their constituents concerning the importance of creativity and the negative impact the EBacc is having on it. We need to keep up the pressure! So I am asking you, today, to please write again – or for the first time – to your Member of Parliament (you can find out who it is here) asking them to oppose the EBacc.

If we all join together we may yet be able to persuade our Government to think again.

Thank you.


Julian Lloyd Webber