The two day event last weekend left all participants with a warm glow, not just from the heat of the kiln. Steve Carter orchestrated the whole event with a calm assurance. Whether showing images, instructing test glaze making, packing and firing an entirely new kiln – let’s not forget the input of Andrew Forbes, a friend who worked tirelessly throughout – or moving pots around when white hot he gave confidence to the nervous and inspiration to all.

Kiln glitches were sorted and sequences understood for future firing.  The new Raku kiln is  going to be a huge asset for WSP.  More people will be needed to manage the kiln due to it’s size but it’s going to be a huge advantage to be able to fire larger pieces.

It was well worthwhile having a two day event and have time to concentrate on one aspect of Ceramics and just begin to understand what the future might hold. It’s given all who took part a thirst for more.

Sue Broadhead is completing a booklet that will be available in the pottery for everyone to follow the process.

A big thank you also to Julia, for organising the event and inviting Steve along.

One thought on “RAKU – JOY IS THE RIGHT WORD!

  1. It was a great success, I went on to introduce the raku kiln to the monday morning class, one had attendied the raku workshop so was able to assist me and we too enjoyed a succesful firing. The key thing is team work and everyone focused on the task in hand.

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