Volunteer needed to help with young carers workshop

Would any WSP member be available to volunteer on Tuesday July 26th 10am – 3pm for a Young Carers workshop day?

Volunteers are not expected to attend all day but would be appreciated even for a couple of hours. The children attending will be between 11 and 16 yrs old and have a lot of support from the care workers who stay with them.

It’s a chance for members to become familiar with the new Raku kiln and assist others preparing work for firing and sorting afterwards. Clearing up duties would also be much appreciated. There may be a possibility of firing a couple of your own pots, but the priority is the visitors.

We have already had two visits from groups of Young Carers and both have been completely successful. All the children, who have responsibilities beyond their years, have been absorbed and focused.

No DBS (formerly CRB) check required in this setting. Please offer to help if you can, this is a valuable opportunity for these children.

Please contact Julia if you are available to help: email j.quigley@btinternet.com

318 Ceramics – Throwing for Beginners

318 Ceramics have just launched a new Throwing for Beginners course with Jitka Schacherlová on Thursday evenings – 7-9.30 pm.  

The cost is £198 for a 12 week course, plus clay £11 per bag, firing and glazing which is charged at £3 per kilo of finished work.

The courses starts on 15th September 2016.

Early booking advisable at: http://www.318ceramics.co.uk/courses-and-events/c/pottery-classes/

This class is a great introduction to throwing on the wheel. During the 12 weeks you will be taught the basics of how to handle the clay, centre on the wheel and begin to develop simple forms and shapes.

An ideal starting point for those who are interested in learning the art of throwing.

You can also view their course schedule for the Autumn Term here. 318 Ceramics – AUTUMN 2016

St Peters – Potted History Project

St Peters School are happy for any WSP members to visit and watch or join in their kiln building project. A Romano – British Kiln is being recreated by Graham Taylor, a professional potter who specialises in Archaeological events.

The building is due to start on Mon July 11th and be completed by the 16th followed by a firing. Dates will be updated if there are changes in the meantime.

Several WSP members offered to make porcelain bowls for the Chinese part of the project and enough have been made to be ready for the next stage. Julia is so grateful to all who ‘rose to the wheel’ and helped out. It was panic stations when funding was awarded and arrangements needed to be made for 256 children to visit the pottery and be able to have hands on experience with clay.

Julia Quigley


The two day event last weekend left all participants with a warm glow, not just from the heat of the kiln. Steve Carter orchestrated the whole event with a calm assurance. Whether showing images, instructing test glaze making, packing and firing an entirely new kiln – let’s not forget the input of Andrew Forbes, a friend who worked tirelessly throughout – or moving pots around when white hot he gave confidence to the nervous and inspiration to all.

Kiln glitches were sorted and sequences understood for future firing.  The new Raku kiln is  going to be a huge asset for WSP.  More people will be needed to manage the kiln due to it’s size but it’s going to be a huge advantage to be able to fire larger pieces.

It was well worthwhile having a two day event and have time to concentrate on one aspect of Ceramics and just begin to understand what the future might hold. It’s given all who took part a thirst for more.

Sue Broadhead is completing a booklet that will be available in the pottery for everyone to follow the process.

A big thank you also to Julia, for organising the event and inviting Steve along.

Naked Raku

A perfect exposition of how naked Raku works with a hard boiled egg lightly tapped to craze the shell before steeping in Soya Sauce, Black Tea and Spices, called Tea Leaf Eggs.

When peeled the pattern appears in the same way as chipping the glaze from a naked Raku pot after smoke has penetrated the crazing. Yet again the food and clay share a symmetry.