Hey Clay! Totems

The Hey Clay! totems are complete and currently on display in the corridor at the West Street Potters workshop.  The individual pieces have been glazed and fired and threaded carefully onto metal bars.

There is a vast array of shapes, sizes and designs.  A wonderful collaboration of creative effort and inspiration. Thank you Kathy Mason for your determination to bring this all together.

Really looking forward to the people who came along to the Hey Clay! event at the end of last year and participated in producing the totems, identifying their pieces and seeing how they contribute to this fabulous joint effort and unique work of art.

Brilliant…..Thanks everyone for taking part!



Holiday workshop?

Please see message below. If any member is available to help with this request please get in touch with Kathryn directly. Nice thing to do for the local Wrecclesham community if you can.


I am contacting West Street Potters on behalf of St Peter’s Church, Wrecclesham. We have started running a two day summer holiday event for retired people in the locality who find it difficult to go away for a break. The event comprises a range of activities, morning and afternoon, with lunch provided, in the Leverton Hall. Craft activities were popular last year and we wondered if there was any possibility that one of your potters might be able to run a mini workshop session for between approximately 10 to 20 people over the course of 45 minutes? The event is being run on a largely charitable basis with a small donation invited, but we could reimburse the cost of materials at the very least.

The event dates are Tuesday August 2nd and Thursday August 4th, but we would only be looking to run a session on one of these days, probably mid morning.

It would be wonderful if you could help support us in this venture and I hope to hear from you.

Do contact me on my email address kathryn@abeehive.co.uk or phone on 01252 724366.

Many thanks,

Yours sincerely,

Kathryn Beesley.

Commission for plates

The following message has been received from a restaurant in Cobham.  Anyone interested in a possible commission please get in touch with them directly.



I hope you can help us.

We are looking for someone that will be able to create hand made rustic looking side plates for a restaurant in Chobham.

We will be looking for about 100 of these to start to be glazed in a white glaze.

Please let me know if this is something you will be able to do or if you have any other contact that could help with this request it would be greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to your reply.

Tamarisk Hanson
PA to Kristy and Fernando Stovell
T +44 (0) 1276858000 • +44 (0) 7805528880 • Fax +44 (0) 1276857597
Windsor Road • Chobham, Surrey • GU24 8QS

Workshop Wheel for Sale

*****Wheel has been sold to WSP Member*****

Following feedback at the recent AGM, three new Shimpo wheels have been ordered for the workshop, including stools.  As they were not in stock, they will not arrive until July.

To make room we are selling this wheel currently in the workshop.  If any member is interested please get in touch weststreetpotters@btinternet.com.  Price is £100. First come, first served.  It will not be available to take away until the new wheels arrive.


Alison’s Teapot – A Happy Accident!

Another fine teapot, this time produced by Alison in Kathy’s Monday morning class. This one was a happy accident.  It was meant to go in the Stuart Kiln with the turquoise earthenware glaze, but was incorrectly put on the gas kiln shelves and was reduction fired to 1260oC.  Amazingly there are no runs and it looks stunning….it pours really well too.  Just goes to show how unpredictable pottery can be!


Tuesday Morning Photoshoot!

Julia’s Tuesday morning class enjoyed some glamour this morning with a photoshoot courtesy of Robert Watts Photography.  Robert has written thanking everyone so much for welcoming him to the pottery this morning – “it’s a great place, wonderful to see it thriving!”

Robert has really captured the creative and convivial atmosphere within the class.  His photos show some serious concentration, wonderful deliberation and expert tuition, along with a display of skills, techniques, laughter, fun, enjoyment and great sense of what West Street Potters is about.

Thanks Robert and thanks to the Tuesday morning class for taking part and showing what can be achieved in such a creative and inspirational environment.


Raku Workshop – “From the Fire into the Pond!”


To inaugurate our new Raku Kiln, arriving in a few weeks time, West Street Potters is hosting an intensive one or two day Raku workshop on June 3rd and 4th, 10.30 – 4.30.  Cost is £30 per day. Please come along for either 1 day or both days.

To book, please email weststreetpotters@btinternet.com or call 07918 666898.

Please bring lunch to share.

Bring your own Biscuit fired ware, or some pieces will be available.

‘Invented by Bhuddists & Brickmakers in 16th C. Japan to equip the Tea Ceremony with poetic utensils – “Raku” means “enjoy”.

Raku sidesteps convention.: ‘In a direct conversation with fire & its effects – one gains a  feel for how ceramic colourants and glazes can interact .

Workshop Features:

  • A variety of unglazed “blank” biscuit-wares to choose from to glaze
  • Introduction & Slides: Raku Past & Present
  • Making our own glazes
  • Firing tests & firing our own pieces
  • Quenching red hot pottery into cold water (optional!)
  • Post-firing oxidation as well as reduction & surface carbonising techniques.
  • Washing & scrubbing to reveal our “buried treasure” glaze colours & crazing!

Steve Carter graduated in Ceramics at W.S.C.A.D. in 1983 & is Potter & Proprietor of the St.Werburghs Pottery in Bristol (est.1991).

Steve makes functional redwares & slipwares, but he presented Raku workshops for 15 successful years until his home-made portable kiln vanished on re-entry to the Earth’s atmosphere sometime in the summer of 2002!

Steve is delighted & honoured to be invited to launch the new kiln and a new era of making Raku at Wrecclesham.

You can view Steve’s productions & adventures in pottery on Instagram (www.instagram.com) search for steven.p.carter or go to  www.stwerburghspottery.co.uk