Monday am pottery class.

There is an additional West Street Potters pottery class on Monday morning 10am – 1pm starting for the Autumn Term to address our waiting list.  It will be held in the 318 Ceramics studio at Farnham Pottery and is available to any new members.  The first class is Monday 14th September.

There are a couple of spaces available, please get in touch if you are interested in attending,

2 thoughts on “Monday am pottery class.

  1. Hi Rachel,

    Long time no see, I hope you are well. I think you may have two little ones by now, not so little either! Thanks for telling me about the new class, I was wondering about Myra’s Monday evening, but I guess it is full. Who is doing the Monday morning?


  2. Hi Rachel

    Annie Hardy here.

    I am taking a year out from RCA (Bamber’s dad is ill) – I would really like to attend Julia’s Tuesday afternoon class

    Any chance?

    Fingers crossed

    Best wishes


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