Winter Exhibition 2014…..a few stats!


Wordle 2

61 WSP members entered
180 pieces entered in total
25 WSP members sold
7 WSP members sold 3 items
7 WSP members sold 2 items
11 WSP members sold 1 item
46 pieces sold
25% of entries sold
£756 taken on Saturday
£623 taken on Sunday
150+ Visitors on Saturday
130+ Visitors on Sunday
£138 raised by the Raffle
11 Volunteers arrived at 6am on Saturday
28 Volunteers over the weekend
2 days of sales
1000 leaflets given out by Art in Clay
12 doughnuts in lieu of storage space
1 camper van to move plinths on Friday
3 WSP members to move plinths on Friday
5 vehicles to move entries to Farnham
2 vans to return plinths on Sunday
2 photographers from local papers
78 Vintage cups and saucers
98 Vintage tea plates
4 Exhibition Team members
1 Raffle Winner!
12 hours of sales
4 hours set-up time
2 hours take-down time
2 tea urns
1 empty shop




WSP winter exhibition

A fabulous range of creativity on show last weekend at the WSP Winter Exhibition…what a talented bunch of potters and sculptors!

Many thanks to everyone who took part especially those who were able to volunteer their time.  It wouldn’t be possible without you all.

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