Big Gas Kiln for Sale

Hi all,


Years ago, we bought a big gas kiln and restored it – only to find, it was actually a bit too big for us. Now we would like the space rather than the kiln. It consists of kiln-blanket insulation inside 6 iron panels on an iron frame.  It has two burners at the front and two at the back. Not  sure what gas the kiln was run on before, but we changed the burner jets to use propane

Outside:  1.20m height x 1.20m width x 1.13m depth, all on a frame on 40cm high legs. The chimney at the back(also on the frame) is 40cm x 40cm x1.64m. The chimney consists out of loose kiln bricks in a metal frame and can be extended with a flexible metal flue (5m of flue comes with the kiln). The door is 84cm x 1.20m(=width of the kiln)

The inside is roughly 1m x 1m x1.10m height. The usable space between  and above the fire channels is 60cm wide x1m depth x1m height.

The kiln can be moved “flat-packed” as it comes apart into 6 panels and some boxes of bricks. We moved the whole thing in a transit van. Buyer has to collect (and take it apart – if only so he will know how to put it back together).

Comes with some (but not a lot) of kiln furniture and a some meters of brand new kiln-blanket (+the buttons to attach it with) for repairs (unfortunately there is a small amount of mouse damage to two panels)

Price £250.00 ONO

For more information, details or more pictures please contact Tom and Eveline Chamberlain at 01329-833355 or We live near Fareham, HANTS.

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