Pottery equipment for sale

Here is a list of the equipment we need to dispose of


Harrison Mayer  Olympic Kiln     [pictures]

Model #   1327/90067

Capacity  3.95  CU FT

Voltage 240   31.5 Amps    7.5 KW

Max firing temp 1300c  cone 10

This kiln seems to be in reasonable condition for age. It was used a lot 1978 to 1984 , but has been stored since then in dry location.  Bricks seem OK , the elements are bowing a little but do not appear ro be broken, but will presumably need replacing .


Podmore Pug mill

No M#

Details 2″  {NOT de airing}  240 volts

In working order , but would need an oil change.  Currently in shipping crate , easily re assembled


Custom made Momentum kick wheel,  approx 36″ x 36″    [Pictures], Has been moved several times taken to craft fairs etc,, so although it looks bulky is quite movable.  Spins very freely and is very practical .


All equipment is stored in Lane End, High Wycombe area.  Need to dispose of before August 14th

Contact cell phone  0770 3433127

Many thanks

John Scott

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