Bespoke Teapot Maker

Just had a message from Laura Stacy at ITV’s 60 minute makeover program.

She is looking for a bespoke Teapot maker in Farnham/Surrey.

Her number is 0207 1574695 if you are interested.

I believe they need the teapot by 12th May for filming, so not a very long lead time….but there is also the opportunity to meet Peter Andre, which….may or may not swing it for you!



Chelsea Garden memorial tokens

Greetings West Street Potters thank you so much for taking part in making the tokens along side friends from 318 Ceramics.

At the last count we have well over 200 tokens made by a total of 70 makers. I hope to do the final firing next week after which the lucky number will be drawn. Tickets will come to me and I will get them to the lucky winner.

I am also glad to inform you that Mary Wondrausch has been asked to open the Garden on the 19th may, which is a lovely tribute to her as she has been a friend of West Street for many years.

Kathy Mason

Chelsea Garden Memorial Tiles – Thank you

A big thank you to everyone who turned up to support the making of the memorial tiles for the Chelsea Garden.  An excellent effort, 140 made.

When Francesca Murrell visited an open day at the Pottery in June last year she fell in love with it.  Then, after attending one of Kathy’s Slam and press mould workshops in July with family and friends, the seeds were sown and she became totally inspired by the place. Nearly a year on, the Potters Garden is going to be built at one of the most exciting gardening shows in the world.

Kathy Mason and West Street Potters have been commissioned to create ceramic ‘memorial tokens’ using a Blackbird design by Emily Feaver.  Visitors to the garden will take them away either as a keepsake for themselves or to place as a memorial to their own fallen heroes.


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Summer Term Availability

We currently have the following availability for the summer term, starting 22nd April 2014.

Monday Evening

Tuesday Evening

Friday morning and afternoon

Please get in touch if you are interested in joining.  Places are offered on a first come first served basis.