Cromartie Hobbytech 40 Electric Pottery Kiln

*******THIS IS SOLD********


This kiln can be plugged in to a normal 13 amp domestic socket.   It is on castors for easy movement, and easily slips under a work surface when not in use.

Internal measurements are 33cm deep, and it takes 29cm batts.  External measurements are 60cm deep, which includes the handle and castors, and 62cm across the top to include the electrical box on the back.

Although this kiln is elderly, it has always been reliable.  It fires to stoneware, although I’ve mainly used it for bisque firing up to 1000 degrees centigrade.

It operates on a Kiln Sitter mechanism which is really simple to use.  Instead of needing to understand how to operate a programmer, small pyrometric cones are put into the mechanism, and when the kiln reaches the desired temperature the cones bend and the kiln shuts off.

It is ideal for bisque firing pieces so that they can be transported safely for glazing and final firing at WSP, something I often did when attending classes.

I am happy to demonstrate, or provide ‘after service help desk support’!

For further information give me a ring:

Sheena Bond

02380 612334Hobbytech Kiln Sitter LT3

I live between Eastleigh and Winchester, just off the M3, 45 mins from Farnham.

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