Sculpture Workshops – Alice Holt

As you may know, Shipwrights Way is a new long distance path which runs from Bentley station, through Alice Holt Forest, on down Cradle Lane and across Broxhead Common; it is open to walkers, cyclists and, in places, horse-riders.

We would like to invite you to a workshop on Sunday 9th December at 12-2pm on the green at Alice Holt Forest to gather ideas for potentially 4 small sculptures along this section of the route.

The artist Richard Perry has been chosen to work with Hampshire communities to ‘Tell the Story of the Landscape’, creating sculptures along the Shipwrights Way.  From tales of medieval shipbuilders to Roman potters, chalk pits and dew ponds, local wildlife or even aspirations for the future, we want to make sure that the things that the people living along the Shipwrights Way think are important about their communities are reflected in the finished work.

This workshop will be an informal ‘turn up and have a go at carving’ and is an opportunity to find out more and to put forward ideas for possible sculptures. Please do also send this on to anyone you may know of who may be interested.

Richard will carve twenty sculptures in all for this fifty mile trail, mostly in creamy Portland stone and around the size of a person; next to each sculpture will be a code, for access to web-pages with more information about that area (old maps, photos, poems, etc).  We are keen that each sculpture is in keeping with the landscape, celebrates local communities and encourages visitors to dig further into the fascinating life of the area.

If you are unable to attend but would like to contribute some ideas, you can contact Richard on

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