For Sale – Potterycrafts P5943 Heatworker Kiln

I have been contacted by a lady wanting to sell her kiln.  It looks like it requires 3-phase electric, further details available on Pottery Craft website.

Please contact Sarah directly if you are interested.


Following our chat, as promised I attach some photos which should identify the exact model etc as promised including photos of the inside etc. It has had very light use as part of my mums part time hand painted tile businesses over the last 10ish years. Still in great condition but sadly no longer used as she has retired. It has a controller, I believe the TC60 as shown on the photo of the manufactures brochure. The kiln is currently situated in Reigate and is the Potterycrafts P5943 Heatworker. Mum has owned it since new. We are looking for around £1500 for it and have been led to believe that is reasonable.

I look forward to hearing from you/any of your members who are interested.

Thank you in advance,

Sarah Pinn

07790 767068,

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