Sew a Throw

A group of WSP turned their hand to sewing last weekend and joined in the ‘Sew a Throw’ workshop organised by Pam Dew.  The results clearly show they are just as creative with fabric as they are with clay.  Well done everyone, a follow up workshop is scheduled for 27th October.

Changing Clay? – Comments Please….

We have recieved some feedback that the Scava Earthstone Professional PF570, which is the white stoneware (blue bags), may not be the most appropriate clay to suit everyone’s requirements.

Before an order is placed for another batch, does any one have any comments, feedback or suggestions for an alternative?

Please let me know ASAP, either by comment to this post or by email

Please also ask people at your class who may not subscribe to the WSP blog.

Thank you.



Please see note below, anyone interested in doing a commission, please get in contact with Millie directly.


I am looking for someone to make a butter dish as a commission. Would this be something you would do or could you put me in touch with someone who does

Thanks Millie

Millie Kohler

Millie’s Moments Photography

Landscape and garden commissions

Tel: 07780 677 178

Ceramic Materials for Sale


I am a potter living in West Berks and although I am not a member of your group I wondered if anyone would be interested in buying some ceramic materials from me.  I have an assortment of materials including things such as ball clay, feldspar and whiting. I can provide a full list upon request.

If anyone is interested I can be contacted on

Thanks in anticipation

Regards Sue