Farnham Craft Study Centre – Todo Sobre Mi Padre

Todo Sobre Mi Padre

Nicholas Arroyave-Portela presents two major ceramic works in this exhibition. Todo Sobre Mi Padre (‘All about my Father’) is a rhythmic and contemplative series of wall panels, a ‘personal journey looking at all aspects of my identity’.

Consciousness is a new work produced specially for the exhibition and will be installed in mid February.  This piece comprises a wall-mounted installation of 260 thrown vessels with the word Consciousness cut into a middle section. The work refers to the Mayan Long Count Calendar which is said to end around 21 December 2012. The installation concerns the idea of a cycle of time through a personal perspective and it also suggests the notion of a universal cycle in which world events are played out.

For more information go to the Craft Study Centre website.


Stuart Test Kiln

WSP have acquired a test kiln, which has been on our wish list for a while.

Big thank you to WSP Shelia Davis who put us in contact with Barbara Stuart who was selling the kiln.

It will be named the ‘Stuart Test Kiln’ after its previous owner and as a gesture to Stuart Williamson who did such a lot of technician work in years gone by.

Once it is wired in, it will be available for members to use.


I was introduced to this blog after it was featured in the Guardian last Saturday.  The owner visits a different beach in Cornwall everyday and interviews someone to find out what the beach means to them.

‘The project celebrates the elemental power of the beach and its profound effect on the people who enjoy being where the air, land and sea meet.  The beach means different things to different people, whether it’s enhancing creativity, decisiveness and energy, being restorative and settling, freedom or just fun.

With manonabeach you can enjoy a regular glimpse of beaches and beach life, wherever you are, almost in real time, as the films are always uploaded on the same day as the visit‘.

Thought I would share this with you since today he is at Hayle Towans…..one of my most favourite places and he is interviewing an artist/potter who gains her inspiration from the beach.  A great project!