From this Earth Exhibition – Guildford

Thanks John from Thursday morning for letting us know about an exhibition in Guildford, ending on the 3 March, entitled From This Earth and being shown at the Guildford House Gallery and the Guildford Museum.
In the Museum there are two pots from the Wrecclesham Pottery which feature owls as you will see from the images I am attaching.

Wheel for Sale

One of Roly’s friends Jo is clearing out her pottery having turned to painting….

Nice little wheel, easy to use by the foot peddle but you can use the long stick at the side by hand. It has a lotus wheel head with at least 20 bats. It does fit into the back of a car for transport, but if you want the plaster bench and any various items in the collection you might need a small van.

I can be contacted by email or by phone 01243 821260, evenings are best.

Price is £150 – £200 which would include any of the other bits she also has.