Thank you from Sue….

Sue Broadhead would like to say…..

A big thankyou to everyone who joined in my 70th Celebrations.  I had the most wonderful week and was overwhelmed with all the lovely cards and presents.  The pit firing was a resounding success thanks to all the support, work and expertise of all those who joined in the fun.  Special thanks to Michel who dug the pit; to Kathy for directing us all so well and Vicky, Amanda and Hilary for sifting through the hot ashes to find all our treasures

Thankyou to everyone who came to the Sunday Party and all the events and made my birthday celebrations so memorable.

Keith and I took lots of photos and I have arranged them as JPGs on an A4 sheet so that they can be printed and joined as a zigzag book.  Let me know if you would like a copy –  phone 01252 711219

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One thought on “Thank you from Sue….

  1. It was such a fun event. Thanks you Sue and Keith for your hospitality.
    Thursday morning and Friday morning class hope to do more in the Spring and Summer, so if any WSP members who have a large garden are interested,they may wish to act as host? we have had a few offers.

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