Welcome Back!

Welcome back everyone to the Autumn Term, and hello to our new members.  Hope you all had a good summer.

Sorry it’s a bit late, but a BIG thank you to everyone who helped with the clear out prior to the deep clean.  I’m sure when you arrive in the workshop this week for beginning of the Autumn Term you will notice the difference.  You volunteers and the cleaners have done a splendid job.

Also new for the Autumn Term.  Ian Chrystie has catalogued the back issues of Ceramic Review.  If anyone has any of the missing copies that they would like to donate, I am sure Ian has a list of the missing issues.  Also, WSP will be subscribing to Ceramic Review in the future, so the latest issue will now be in the workshop.

Enjoy Potting!!


Heritage Weekend Success

Record sales at the pot shop last weekend, a real success, so thank you to everyone who volunteered their time to make it happen.

The pottery enjoyed large numbers of vistors over the weekend, who saw demonstrations by WSP and a sale of WSP work.  They were also able to find out more about Farnham Pottery Trust’s plans for the site and take a peek inside the main building and bottle kiln.

Well done and thanks everyone.

WSP Christmas Exhibition

Several members have suggested WSP hold a Christmas Exhibition this year (as done in previous years), which is a great idea.  It will require volunteers to take on elements of the organisation to make it a success.

Keith has already agreed to transport the Exhibition tables / plinths and Nigel, Shirley, Vron and Tineka from Thursday evening will set up the displays and take them down at the end.

What we will need are other volunteers to cover advertising or receive the work, do the catalogue, organise stewarding duty, preview drinks, glasses and snacks or cash float ( and general treasurer duties) plus collection of sold / unsold work.

People who have helped on previous shows would be a big asset as they will know the ropes and will be able to guide  new volunteers.

It is all very easy if we have enough helping hands. Everybody who attends classes would be eligible to show work ( no matter what standard) – we found before that 3 pieces per student (unless they were really BIG ) could be accommodated.

Nigel and Vron have created the following list of activities that need to be undertaken.  Please let Rachel know if you are able to help out with any of these.  Mobile: 07918 666898 or weststreetpotters@btinternet.com

Once we have a list of volunteers a meeting will be arranged to discuss the details.

Produce A4 Adverts / flyers etc. + sub-group to distrubute
Inform Local Press
Produce forms for each exhibitor – Title, cost etc. (max. 3 items)
Handing in – to check in work against the forms.
Treasurer – Cash float for sales desk + running money side
Collect  Display Furniture (Keith & Nigel)
Set up tables and display ( Shirley, Vron, Tineka and Nigel)
Numbering     (Ditto)
Produce catalogue.
Wine / glass hire / nibbles for preview
Sales desk rota – 2 people per session ( am / pm )
Handing out sold work at close
Returning furniture to store after exhibition closes (Keith & Nigel)

Free Equipment thanks to ‘Adams Trees’

The Farnham Pottery Trust have been able to collect a kind donation of pottery equipment from a retiring potter in Winchfield today thanks to Adams Trees.  The loan of the lorry enabled us to transport a couple of kilns, wheels, spray booth and other goodies.

An exciting beginning for the pottery trusts plans for the pottery.  Also thanks to volunteers who helped lift and shift the heavy goods.

Members looking for a reliable and experienced tree surgeon should look no further than Adams Trees.