Pit Fire Pots

Thanks Liz for sharing pictures of your pots from the pit fire.  They look amazing, especially the red flashes, bet your pleased with the results!

If anyone else has pictures of their pots from the pit fire that they would like to share, please send them to me, it would be great to see everyone’s work.

Farnham Public Arts Trust – Pottery Talk – 8th October


Saturday 8th October 2011, 10.30 for 11 am

at the Garden Gallery, Museum of Farnham


Speakers:  Sue Farrow, Guy Hains, Ashley Howard, and Julia Quigley


“Saving the Farnham Pottery”

The topic for this year’s Farnham Public Art Trust Open Meeting on Saturday 8th October will be the Farnham Pottery in Wrecclesham, with an illustrated talk given by the pottery’s new owners, Guy and Elaine Hains.  Guy and Elaine are Farnham people with a strong interest in architecture and the craft of pottery, and they have recently acquired the Farnham Pottery from its previous owners, the Farnham Building Preservation Trust.

The talk will start with a short history of the pottery, which was founded in 1873 and remains as an almost unique survival of a Victorian country pottery.  This introduction will be given by Sue Farrow who wears both Farnham Public Art Trust and Farnham Trust hats.  Then Guy Hains will take over to discuss their exciting plans for the future, which include the setting up of a new ceramic centre of excellence, with opportunities to learn the traditional skills.

Guy will be assisted by Ashley Howard, ceramicist and lecturer at the University for the Creative Arts, and Julia Quigley the well known tutor of West Street Potters, a teaching group who have been tenants at the pottery for some twelve years.

This will be a fascinating occasion, providing an opportunity to learn more about how the Farnham Pottery was saved in 1998 when the business was failing and the buildings threatened with demolition.  The Farnham Trust gradually restored the buildings and brought the pottery back to life, and the pottery is now facing an exciting new future which will preserve the buildings and use them for the purpose for which they were designed.

The meeting will start at 11 am, with coffee and biscuits from 10.30 am, and all are welcome.  Entrance is free.

Sue Farrow

Chairman, Farnham Public Art Trust

Pit Firing Birthday Celebration

WSP members celebrated Sue Broadhead’s 70th birthday with a pit firing in her garden.  Bisque pots were wrapped in copper wire, tea bags, seaweed, banana skins, leather and salt soaked pants!!

Pots were packed into the large pit amongst sawdust and straw, which was then lit……stand well back or else you will get your eye brows singed (mentioning no names!!)

Patience is needed as the pit will smoulder for a couple of days before the grand opening on Sunday.

All this excitement, followed by a lovely lunch in the garden.

Best wishes Sue, what a great way to spend your big birthday, hope you enjoyed yourself, I think everyone else did.

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Missing Bats

There is a shortage of bats in the workshop, especially the round ones for throwing.  John Cressey kindly made quite a number for us last year, but they all seem to have disappeared.

Please can you take a look at home or your car and see if you have used them to take your work home and forgotten to bring them back.

Many thanks for your help.