Pit Firing

Last weekend students from Katrina’s Wednesday and Thursday evening classes got together in one of the National Trust’s woodlands near Haslemere to have a Pit Firing. The NT Foresters kindly dug the pit – 5m. x 1m. x 1m. and supplied all the wood / sawdust / chippings and ferried pots etc from the cars to the site in their 4×4 vehicles.

The students supplied barbeque food / cider / beer – oh yes, and some pots.

The pit packing got underway mid morning on Saturday in warm sushine and under a blue sky and was ready to light by midday. Then the eating / drinking got underway – some hardy people even camping out overnight to keep an eye on the pit.

All reconvened at the pit on Sunday evening (in the rain) to unpack the pit and help clear up the site. Inspection of the results will take place in the classes where conclusions will no doubt be drawn as to whether pots have been successful or what alterations need to be made to methods for the next firing to which the NT Foresters have kindly invited everyone back.

Regards Nigel Hobbs

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