Emerge Exhibition, 5th – 10th April

Hi Everyone,

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a West Street Potter member who was fortunate enough to be offered a place to study for a degree in 3DD (Ceramics) at the University in Farnham.  I’m in my 3rd year now of a five year part time course and continuing to find it exciting and stimulating.

Our current project involves arranging an exhibition of our work; inviting friends, family and anyone we think may be interested, to come along to have a look.

Some of you have expressed an interest, so I decided to display the invitation on the notice board for you all to see. There is also a supply of general invitations downstairs near the entrance.

Our private view is on Friday 8th April, so if anyone would like to come to that, let me know and I’ll get a personal invitation sent to you.  Otherwise, as you can see, it’s running from 5th to 10th April.  My number is 02380 612334 or email pottyceramics@gmail.com

Sheena Bond


Myra has kindly supplied a picture of ‘Cinderella’ made by Debbi from the Monday evening class for her daughter.

Lots of detailed care and attention must have gone into such a detailed object…..a wonderful success.

Just goes to show that beginners end up doing all sorts of things…..not just pots!

Payment for fired work

A polite reminder to members that all fired work needs to be paid for to cover the firing costs.

Unfortunatlely this includes paying for (and collecting) pieces that may not have turned out quite as you were anticipating…….that is the joy of pottery!!

Good practice is to enter the weight of your bisque fired pot in the firing charges folder before it goes in the glaze kiln.

Many thanks for your co-operation.