Firing Charges – Polite Reminder

There is a new red folder (on the shelves next to the fridge) to record all bisque and a glazes firings and payments.

There is a new page for each member attending the Autumn Term (any late comers, there are spare sheets at the back).

Please ensure you record and pay for all firings, even those which don’t turn out quite like you hoped!

We need to ensure that our energy and glaze material costs are covered by the firing charges, so accurate recording and timely payments will ensure that any necessary review of the charges is fair for all.

To confirm, a single glaze or bisque firing is £1.65 per kg.  2 firings (glaze and bisque) is £3.30 per kg.  There is no difference in charges for Raku.

Anyone still owing payment for the previous term, I still have the old files, so please let me know.

Many thanks for your co-operation, Rachel

2 thoughts on “Firing Charges – Polite Reminder

  1. Rachel

    Can you le4ave the old files for Shirley Shiner and me to see because we think we owe WSP some money for the glaze firing from the past.

    Kind regards


  2. Hi Rachel….. Well impressed, all nice, clean and new!
    How about you put a ready reckoner in the front of the file for people who don’t have their calculators with them, or are rubbish at mental maths! I couldn’t work out mine last night, so just entered the weight for the time being. If you do it, can you do it LARGE type for the likes of me who can’t see without my glasses……. ahhhhh bless, I hear you say!

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