Farnham Museum Club – Kids Workshop

WSP Caroline Wilson ran the first of two smoke firing workshops last Saturday for the Farnham Kids Museum Club.

Despite an initial shock at the numbers that turned up for the first session in the morning (we had been told there could be a max of 15 for each workshop, to expect between 8 – 12 as they would not all turn up, but they kept coming and coming and there were 22 in the morning!) everyonel had a wonderful time.  The children were enthusiastic and great to work with and they all produced some stunning work.  Each went home with two pieces (a cylinder and fish or butterfly tile that Caroline had pre-made, burnished and biscuit fired) marked up with string, rafia, masking and other tapes and resist having seen some examples, and also having been inspired with patterns from all the pictures had been put up in the studio of butterflies and fish.

Anyway I think the photos speak for themselves!

Great stuff Caroline.

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