Lost engagement ring

Louise from Friday morning as lost her engagement ring from her pocket, possibly whilst at the pottery.  If anyone happens to find it, please will they contact her, she will be immensely grateful if it turns up.  It is aquamarine with diamonds round it. Louise’s  no. is 07767 617024.

Three weeks to go

As a registed ‘Big Lunch Venue’, they are sending us emails with the count down to the event….only 3 weeks to go!  I thought I would share this snippet with you……

“Why not take advantage of what’s in season to create some tasty treats to share with your new found neighbours? Our friends at Landshare help connect people who want to grow with those who have space to share. They’ve given Big Lunchers a host of tasty recipes from River Cottage’s Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall to cook up with seasonal or home-grown produce.”

Farnham Museum Club – Kids Workshop

WSP Caroline Wilson ran the first of two smoke firing workshops last Saturday for the Farnham Kids Museum Club.

Despite an initial shock at the numbers that turned up for the first session in the morning (we had been told there could be a max of 15 for each workshop, to expect between 8 – 12 as they would not all turn up, but they kept coming and coming and there were 22 in the morning!) everyonel had a wonderful time.  The children were enthusiastic and great to work with and they all produced some stunning work.  Each went home with two pieces (a cylinder and fish or butterfly tile that Caroline had pre-made, burnished and biscuit fired) marked up with string, rafia, masking and other tapes and resist having seen some examples, and also having been inspired with patterns from all the pictures had been put up in the studio of butterflies and fish.

Anyway I think the photos speak for themselves!

Great stuff Caroline.

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Liven up the passageway

We have the excellent opportunity at the pottery to utilise the wall space in the passageway.

Does anyone have an interest or hobby that they would like to showcase?  Perhaps you are a budding photographer or have a collection of interesting artworks, or even better, your own art.  Maybe you are, or know someone who is involved in a local community project that would like the space to promote their activities.

There are clip frames available to use.  Let me know if you are interested.  It would be great to see the space put to good use and to brighten up and inspire the entrance to the pottery.

Include your work on the WSP Website Revamp

Sheena is beginning a project to revamp the West Street Potters website.

As part of this, we would like to include some up to date images of work produced by our members .  There has been some fantastic pieces in the display cabinet recently.  I really like the teapot on springs….inspired!

Sheena will be available in the pottery, with her camera, on w/c 28th June – Mon, Tues & Wed.  If you have some special pieces that you would like included on the new website please make them available in the pottery that week.  You can leave them in the display cabinet, or I will make a space in unit 10.

Alternatively, you can send good quality images to Sheena directly at pottyceramics@gmail.com.

Take the opportunity to see your work ‘up in lights’ on our new website.


We need a couple of things for the Pottery from Clayman.  If anyone is planning a trip down to the shop in Chichester in the not too distant future, please can you let me know.

Worth asking to save on delivery charges.

P.S. If you are ordering anything from Clayman, if you mention West Street Potters you get a 10% discount.