Volunteers? Half Term Kids Crafts at Farnham Pottery

I have been contacted by Smith & Causey, who run the coffee/farm shop at the Farnham Pottery, to see if West Street Potters would like to be involved in providing a ‘pottery activity’ at a kids event during this coming half term.

They are proposing to put up a large marquee and have different sections of that for different activities.  Smith and Causey are offering ‘make your own sandwich and decorate a cupcake’. They are arranging other craft activities and have asked us to be involved.

The event is mainly to get people to the site.  The proposal is for it to run two mornings during half term week, and kids  places would have to be booked.  A nominal fee would be charged, but if WSP decide to participate it would need to be run by volunteers.

I realise it is short notice, but let me know if you would like to participate.

One thought on “Volunteers? Half Term Kids Crafts at Farnham Pottery

  1. Hi. I would be happy to act as tutor for ‘thumb pot making’ or ‘model a person’ for children aged 7 to 11, if that would be of use. Let me know what days it would be. I’m available most days.

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