Lovely Jugs!

Stayed late after class this morning and was lucky enough to bump into Louis Wilkes from Tuesday evenings.  I was admiring his pots, lovely glaze and lovely shape. Richard’s glaze over Tenmoku….that combination does appear to produce the most pleasing results.

Also envious of  the wine sampling that I am led to belived goes on a Tuesday evening, very chilled out.  Making pots whilst glugging wine also sounds like a good combo.  Guess that is the benefit of evening classes.  Don’t think it would do to crack open the wine before noon…..or maybe…….

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The West Street Potters AGM is on Friday 30th April, starting at 7pm, being held at Farnham Pottery.  Refreshments will be provided.

Following the formal business of the Meeting anticipated to be completed by 8pm; members are invited to continue discussions with each other and the directors on an informal basis on any matters of general interest.

We always require interested volunteers and if you or someone you know would like to take a more active part in the running of WSP please do not hesitate to contact one of the directors.

High Fired Tin Glaze

Ever curious what would happen if a tin glaze was fired at stoneware temperature….well John from Thursday morning class tried it and here is the result.  This is tin glaze over cobalt, manganese and copper oxides.  The glaze bubbles, leaving fantastic craters and texture.  Not everyones taste I’m sure but it’s right up my street and great as a decorative finish.  Always worth experimenting!

The tile in the background shows the result after earthenware firing. (smooth surface and stronger oxide colour)