Millinery Weekends

Hello, See below message from Andrew McDonald regarding hat making weekends…

Hi everyone,

i’ve been away for the last three months gathering inspiration and generally avoiding this last winter. Sorry about that!

Now i’m back and continuing the courses which have been going so well with some beautiful hats coming out of each weekend.

The next weekend will be , unusually in the middle of April on the 17th and 18th and i have spaces available so if that would suit you send me an email and let me know.

Following that the weekend of the 1st and 2nd of May and from then on the dates as below.

April 17th /18th

May 8th / 9th

June 5th / 6th

July 3rd / 4th

August 7th / 8th

I’m afraid that due to increases in costs i am having to raise my charges. The weekend will now be £110 plus your materials.

Aside from that i’m very excited to say that just before i went away i was asked by the Manchester Gallery of Costume for one of my hats to include in their new contemporary millinery exhibit. The new display is part of a million pound renovation and opened on the 17th of March so if you are in Manchester or are visiting you might want to have a look.


Hi every-one.  This site is going to be fun. Once we all get over being shy about it things will become a lot more interesting and ideas  should flow. I’d liked the idea of coloured glass being used that Christine showed us when Kathy was on her holiday it Hawaii. I haven’t tried it yet. What do you all think? J.

Thursday Morning Raku

Lots of Raku action at Thursday mornings class today.  As usual, a real mixture of results with the turquoise (?) glaze up to it’s old tricks.  Sue’s lady came out a lovely copper colour and Vicky’s pots were looking like they were going to be a real success. We received a few raised eyebrows from people coming and going from the car park.  “What on earth are they up to”, I’m sure they were thinking…..they may well ask!   We all went home smelling like an old bonfire…job well done!

Should have taken photo’s of the results….try to remember next time.

Jane...poised ready with a saucepan of sawdust, Vicky trying the gloves on for size...and Phillipa....hummm, you look bemused!!.

Sue's lady being carefully lifted from the kiln

Everyone standing well back....

Oooohhh...what awaits inside!

Here goes…

Well, this is it, Rachel has just told the world that she has worked out how to make me an Author . As long as she lets me know too we might just get through this…with any luck I will suddenly become articulate and interesting. Fingers crossed.

And if her magic doesn’t work perhaps my setting the bench mark very low will encourage other people to blog.

I’m just going to pour myself a glass of wine whilst I think of something fascinating to share with you.

Crocus Carpet

Hi Kathy and Sheena, thanks for your comments. Think it is just us three who know about this site at the moment, but an encouraging start…..

I was wondering what I would post to start off this blog and then by magic Zoe suggested a visit to Wisley, well the sun did have his hat on today!  Considering it is mid March, the plants are a bit slow to emerge from hiberation….too bloomin’ cold.  However, the crocus’ were glorious and there was plenty of sculptural plants in the glass houses.  Plenty of pottery inspiration…

Crocus Carpet

Great orange/red colour - 'Dave's favourite'

Delicate orchid

Beautiful hanging flowers, to attract hummingbirds

Banana flower

Great structural shape....but smells of rotting meat to attract insects...nice!

'Canker' love this.